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Meditation – a moment of contemplation – Harriet Calfo

You may want to start by first sitting under the loving gaze of God, eyes closed and allowing His love to flow over you.

Take a moment to sit and look at the picture of the door overleaf.

What do you notice? What do you see?

Allow yourself to enter into the picture using all your senses and see what emerges for you.

Do you see an old door needing a coat of paint or do you see something beautiful, full of character with a story to tell?

How has change affected the door?

How has change affected you?

What does God want to show you through this picture?

Don’t rush.

Allow His presence to wash over you.

Spend some time talking with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Harriet Calfo

Harriet Calfo is an artist at heart and loves capturing God’s creativity through photography, art, textiles and poetry. She loves anything turquoise, especially the sea.
She is a Spiritual Director and runs art retreats where she loves to see people discover and flourish in their God-given gift of creativity that she believes everyone has. Her mantra is, ‘it’s not about the product, it’s about the process.’ She is on a life journey of learning to be her trueself through God’s tender care.
Her other passion is to see modern day slavery eradicated and loves being an ambassador for the amazing charity Unseen. She is blessed to live in the beautiful and inspiring Cotswolds with her family and dog.
IG: @harrietcalfodesigns