iola playlists – listen while you read

Each issue of iola bookazine has a themed playlist of songs that are curated to complement the themes covered within the issue. You could listen while you read or simply whenever you feel like it. They are available to listen to on Spotify, but we have also listed them below so you can find them on your favourite music service. Enjoy!

Joy Playlist

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Fresh Playlist

A playlist to listen to while reading iola the Fresh issue.

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Change playlist

A playlist to listen to whilst you read the change issue. Beautiful songs around the theme of change.

iola change playlist

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Rest playlist

For the rest issue: A beautiful playlist to listen to whilst resting and reading iola the rest issue.

iola rest playlist

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Deep playlist

For ‘iola living life well even in the deep’ issue, we have created a playlist that complements the theme of the content of iola. We hope that you will be able to listen to these songs whilst reading your copy of iola.

iola deep issue songs

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Bloom playlist

This is the bloom playlist made to complement the iola: Bloom issue.

iola playlist bloom

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iola magazine playlist

This is the first playlist put together to complement the first issue of iola magazine, affectionately known as the tulip issue.

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