iola planner & journal

You love to write down your plan for the month and to celebrate the season, but you feel a little overwhelmed by the blank page. You used to write out your prayers but somehow the time disappeared and you miss pouring out your heart in the same way. You’ve got a diary for dates and a notebook for notes, but you want to plan your days more intentionally and journal your moments. But you have too many half-started planners & journals. The writing practices that you long to do, you no longer feel you have time for.

Studies have shown that writing is a practice that is good for your wellbeing. Gratitude a way to chase beauty in life, that in turn increases the amount of beauty we see. The act of writing with a pen on paper is proven to increase our memory of those things and relieves the mind as your hand writes it out.

When life feels overwhelming it is easier to start small.

That’s why we created the iola planner & journals.

iola planner and journal books. January to June and July to December

The iola printable planner & journal is a gentle companion through your year as you note your days.

It is a way to plan your season, month and week, alongside noticing your love for the season, your daily gratitude, prayers and notice what you are learning and how you are creating.

Small spaces with gentle prompts and beautiful blooms.

Seasonal joys spread

Celebrating the seasonal joys & reflecting upon your season is a considered practice that is beneficial for our mental & spiritual health. Start your season by writing what you are looking forward to for the next three months, be that plans, nature changes, occasions, etc.

Monthly spread

Monthly pages to record significant dates & plan your days.

Weekly spread

Weekly pages to plan your week & notice your days. A practise of gratitude keeps us praising, our prayer lists bring us close to Jesus, noticing what you’re learning shows how you are growing. Noting what we are creating (whether that is in the physical, spiritual, or the mind) encourages our blooming which blesses others.

Seasonal reflection spread

Reflect on your season and record your observations, encouragements, moments to remember as you move forward to the next.

A place and space for you bloom and grow and to see God’s grace in the season.

Look back & move forward.
Bloom & grow.

No more waiting to find the time to plan and journal, no more multiple books that are half filled, the iola planner & journal is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

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