iola the rest issue

Struggle to find time to rest? Feel guilty for putting your feet up? Wonder how to rest in the most beneficial way? Want to read a magazine that inspires you and leaves you feeling rested rather than agitated?

iola the rest issue will fulfil your moment of peace as you read hope-filled words and take in beautiful photos.

It is fresh air for your mind and food for your soul.

Inspirational articles

We’ll read about peace in safe places from Allison, and packing lighter from Melissa from Texas. Tabitha from North Dakota shares what she learned from a morning glory flower and Shay from North Carolina will help us surrender to rest.

Katherine from the gulf coast of Texas explores the relationship between creativity and rest. There are prompting, reflective questions and a recipe for lavender sugar. Cara from the rural Washington State writes a delightful story of a time she let the laundry wait and Kristin writes on her rhythms of rest.

Soul Food

There is a rest playlist, ‘An Invitation’ poem with photo by Harriet from the Cotswolds UK, and a space to colour and pray. Laura from upstate New York writes about finding rest in the storms of motherhood and there is a beautiful view to breathe. Tara from Franklin, Tennessee writes on rest for our souls, Abi from Oxfordshire writes about an exercise in rest. There is an excerpt from Laura’s romantic suspense novel; The Orphan Beach, she writes in Kelowna BC.

There are stunning photos to rest your eyes and some from photographer Katie in the Cotswolds. Noreen from upstate New York asks us to meander with her and there is a To be list to discover. Charlotte from the Cotswolds finds rest in the middle of stress and there is a feather art picture you can make. We share some books on rest with some bookmarks and a blessing.

A moment of peace

This issue will help your moment of peace be the refreshment your soul needs. It provides a much-needed respite from the clamour of the world that we must do more, and be more.

iola is a return to the days before empty phone scrolling, where you can enjoy the tactile and physical pleasure of turning glossy pages filled with real life beauty, without being distracted by the scroll, iola is food for your mind and fresh air for your soul.

iola magazine is a high-quality, print bookazine on thick paper with a card cover. It has an airy layout throughout over 70 pages with beautiful imagery. It’s designed to be a work of art on your coffee table to be returned to again and again.

In the rest issue:

  • 12 articles
  • 15 international female contributors
  • rest playlist
  • Poetry
  • Creative prompts
  • Reflective questions
  • a host of beautiful and stunning photos
  • bookmarks to cut out
  • book introductions
  • fiction excerpt
  • colouring
  • a cup of coffee (that’s not actually true, but we wish we could!)

We’ve gathered a group of writers to offer our best to encourage you along the path of living life well. We come from the US, Canada, and the UK so you may notice some grammar and spelling differences but I hope you will notice more what we all hold in common with you. 

We want to make your moment of peace a true time of rest.