Iola – the change issue

We make 10,000+ decisions a day, that is 10,000 opportunities for small changes within each and every day. That doesn’t include the changes that are thrust upon us or ones that happen through a series of actions. Over the course of a life the amount of change is immeasurable. The process of change can be subtle, like the small daily change of colour in the leaves or the drip of information slowly changing a mind. The clothes of our children that seem to get smaller, as their horizons expand every year.

When a change we don’t want is thrust on us like a job redundancy, an illness or loss, we may have little control over the change. These changes cause anxiety – the stress, pain and lack of control. Our coping mechanisms swing into play – some healthy, some not. 

Iola change issue front cover

Introducing iola the change issue

The story-led articles from the writers in this issue will explore their experiences of change and how we can navigate change well. We look at small changes that can make a big difference and how God is with us in seasons of change.

iola: the change issue blesses your moment of peace with reflective, gentle soul food and encouragement for your life.

Flick through

iola is a high quality bookazine designed to sit on your coffee table to be returned to again and again for your moments of peace.

Inspirational articles

In the change issue we have a poem from Kristin an army wife, Shelby Hughes writes about a fire and aftermath she experienced as a child. Daniela Perez grew up in Chile and writes about now living in Minnesota. Linda shares some prose on a lifetime of change, and Katherine shares thoughts over time passing. Jenny author of Spiritual Feasts, shares how there is no shortcut to maturity and Noreen writes about the growing and going of her son. Regular contributor and author Laura Thomas, writes about the change of an empty nest and we have a beautiful short story from her too.

Allison Craig author of Finding Peace in the Everyday writes on peace found in letting go, with reflective questions for you. MaryBeth Eiler shares a story of letting go. Brooke talks about feeling rough around the edges in Abrasive grit to fine polish. Regular contributor Sarah E Frazer recently moved to Honduras and she writes about the kindness of God. Sherri, an interior designer in Australia, helps us with using colour psychology to make changes in our homes. Meghan writes on this current strangeness. Krista writes a story around following her inner GPS. Nicole shares about our constancy in change and Shay writes on change drawing from the imagery of the Grand Canyon. Harriet leads us gently in a meditation and contemplation on a photo in the presence of God.

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Soul food

We have seasonally situated, beautiful photography to rest your eyes, and a view of a Scottish loch and castle to breathe. Some small changes that can make a big difference, a change themed playlist, and a colouring page to colour whilst you mindfully pray. There is a word art print you could frame and bookmarks you could cut out and use. We have three books on the theme of change to introduce to you and some gentle change prompts you might consider.

In the change issue you will find:

  • 17 articles
  • change playlist
  • colour and pray page
  • reflective questions
  • a short story
  • book introductions
  • bookmarks to cut out and use
  • a small changes list
  • contemplation prompt
  • stunning & inspiring photography
  • A word art print you could frame
  • 20 contributors from UK, USA, Canada and Australia
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