iola – even in the deep issue

You browse magazine racks and see glossy covers full of promises and glamourous faces. But you can’t find what you want. You don’t want another article on ’10 ways to impress your boss’ or ‘150 new shades of red lipstick’. You don’t want to read about a celebrity’s perfect life and your home will never look like that gorgeous mansion.

So you sit with your coffee in a moment of peace and mindlessly scroll through your phone wondering if anyone else feels the same way that you do.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

iola magazine is a premium, beautiful journal that will make your moment of peace a refreshing, inspiring time and leave you feeling encouraged.

iola is fresh air for your mind and food for your soul.

Living life well – even in the deep

Do you feel like you are in deep? Maybe you feel buried deep in a painful situation. Perhaps you have dreams that are buried deep. Maybe you have prayed that God would take you deeper but have no idea what that will look like.

Articles in this issue explore going deeper in times of transition, seeking hope in deep pain. How journalling is a self-care practice and a spiritual discipline that can help you through the deep.

iola living life well even in the deep includes:

  • 16 articles of hope-filled stories from an international team of writers
  • deep playlist
  • creativity prompts
  • devotional article
  • encouragement
  • beautiful photography throughout
  • poetry
  • a city tour of Charleston, West Virginia USA
  • book introductions
  • bookmarks
  • a cup of coffee and a hug (well that’s not true, we only wish we could send you those in the mail!)

How creativity is a conduit of the deep and going deeper is a lot like coal mining. There are 10 self-care practices for when pain runs deep. There are stories from women just like you who are learning how to live life well in the deep.

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With iola: living life well even in the deep,

  • you’ll have a bookazine to read that will leave you feeling less alone,
  • articles that will encourage you to live life well,
  • a spacious layout to calm your mind,
  • beautiful photography to feed your soul,
  • creative prompts to inspire you,
  • a moment of peace that leaves you feeling refreshed.

iola magazine is a premium-quality, print bookazine on creamy paper stock with a card cover. It is designed to be a well-thumbed through work of art to sit on your coffee table to be returned to again and again.

Articles in iola even in the deep from these writers

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You could carry on browsing those magazine shelves and feel that your life is lacking.

Or you could buy iola magazine.

iola is designed to inspire not invoke envy. With iola you can enjoy the tactile pleasure of turning pages filled with healthy promises that bring real life, without being drawn away to other websites with pointless content.

Give your people the gift of a refreshed you by spending time with iola.

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