iola is a bookazine for busy Jesus-following women.

Soul food for your moment of peace.

If you are a busy Christian woman who likes a soulful life, books, flowers, and home and you read magazines like ‘The Simple Things’, ‘Flow’ ‘Country Living’ ‘Bella Grace’, you will LOVE iola.

iola is a high quality bookazine full of hope-filled articles and stories from women just like you. Each issue is based around a one word theme and seasonally situated. They are filled with beautiful natural photographs and have spacious layouts. Reflective questions, creative prompts, playlists and encouragement for you right where you are.

If your idea of a simple treat is some time out with coffee and a bookazine that inspires not invokes envy – iola is for you.

As a busy woman it’s a rare treat to sit and read with a cup of coffee or tea by your side. When you finally get a moment of peace you want something that will inspire, encourage and refresh your mind but the magazine racks are full of titles that make you feel less than enough.

You long for a bookazine that lifts your spirits with beautiful photos. With stories from women who have struggled through the same things you do, who know what it is like to question your life’s direction, wondered how to fit in bringing up children and feel like you are doing something else also meaningful.

Meet iola.

Coming Spring 2021 the Fresh issue

front cover image of iola bookazine the fresh issue

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iola bookazine change issue

the Change issue – an autumnal situational

The story-led articles in this issue explore experiences of change and how we can navigate change well. We look at small changes that can make a big difference and how God is with us in seasons of change. This issue is a perfect read for Autumn/Fall.

Contributors include:
Sarah Frazer, Allison Craig, Brooke Giles, Shay S. Mason, Kristin Vandelip, Jenny Sanders, Laura Thomas
Articles: Peace in Letting Go, No Shortcut to Maturity, Constancy in Change, Current Strangeness, Time Passing, A Lifetime of Change, Empty Nest, Letting go.

iola the rest issue a summer situational

iola the rest issue a summer situational

Struggle to find time to rest? Feel guilty for putting your feet up? The Rest issue leaves you feeling rested rather than agitated. This issue makes your moment of peace the refreshment your soul needs. It provides a much-needed respite from the clamour of the world that we must do more, and be more. The Rest issue is a perfect read for high Summer.

Contributors include:
Kristin Vanderlip, Laura Thomas, Allison Craig, Tara Dickson, Shay S. Mason, Melissa Smith
Articles; Peace in Safe places, Packing Light, Letting the Laundry Wait, Rhythms of Rest, Creativity and Rest, An excerise in Rest, Rest in Motherhood, 

Even in the deep issue a winter situational

Iola Magazine bloom

The bloom issue an autumnal situational

In the Bloom issue we explore what it is to bloom where we are planted. It lifts spirits with beautiful photos and stories from women who live lives just like yours, who know what it is like to question your life direction, how to fit in caring for your children and feel like you are doing something meaningful. The Bloom issue is a perfect read for late Summer.

Contributors include:
Maeve Gerboth, Kimberly Coyle, Sarah Frazer, Kristin Vanderlip, Laura Thomas, Amber Salhus.
Articles; Finding Place, Hospitality, Blooming in the desert, Mums Constantly Needed Rarely Seen, Cultivating Courage in Adoption.