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If you love good design, creativity, reading and music, – iola magazine is for you. If you’ve ever wondered about how to manage all the things: family, meaningful work, creative pursuits and how not to lose yourself in the process, – iola is for you. If you have faith in God but at times might describe your relationship with him as complicated and have been hurt on life’s road, – iola is for you. 

If your idea of a simple treat is some time out with coffee and a magazine that inspires not invokes envy – iola is for you.

We know what it’s like,

you only have a couple of hours free time and you head to the magazine racks before going to the coffee shop and are greeted with racks of glossy covers. Each proclaiming a million promises – “Get your beach body” “You’ll never believe this story” “50 must-have interview outfits”. Overwhelmed and slightly anxious about the choice you eventually turn away and head to drink your coffee whilst scrolling through your phone, feeling a slight sense of inadequacy.

What if you could find a magazine that encourages you right where you are?

That lifts your spirits with beautiful photos? What if you could read stories by women who live lives just like yours? Who have struggled through the same things you do, who know what it is like to question your life’s direction, wondered how to fit in caring for your children and feeling like you are doing something meaningful? What if it’s creative prompts were gentle, accessible and inspiring?

Iola Magazine: bloom issue

In iola magazine: bloom we explore what it is to bloom where we are planted.

Maeve writes about finding place, perhaps when it is not where she thought she should be. Kristin writes about hoping again after the death of her child, Betsy walked away from an abusive relationship whilst pregnant, Abi found creativity helped her to bloom through depression.

There is an article by Laura about how hospitality can be a blessing even when it feels like a horror! Kimberly shares with us how to invite beauty into our everyday lives, Elli tells us an everyday moment story of a train ride, Charlotte shares encouragement that there are seasons of fruitfulness and that might not always look easy. Sarah shares her story of adopting her daughter and how she cultivated courage on a journey she found difficult. Carly shares her journey of blooming in her desert.

Soul food

There is food for your soul by way of beautiful photos of blooms, a landscape to breathe in, a recipe for chocolate cake! poems from Jody and Hannah, there is a peace playlist from Libby John.

There are verse cards to cut out and keep, and creative prompts to help you create a gratitude journal or papercut bloom picture. There are bookmarks to use when reading one of the books of memoirs that Kimberley introduces us to. There is encouragement for the mum who feels constantly needed but rarely seen from Amber. There are beautiful photos from Jill, Kimberly, Katie, Eunora and Nadine.

Time out for refreshment

This magazine will help your time out be the refreshment your soul needs when you are weary. It will provide a much-needed respite from the clamour of the world that we must have more, and be more.

With iola magazine: the bloom issue, you will find the encouragement to bloom right where you are.

iola magazine: the bloom issue

iola is a return to the days before empty phone scrolling, where you can enjoy the tactile and physical pleasure of turning glossy pages filled with promise, healthy promises that bring real life, without being drawn away to a million other websites with pointless content, iola is food for your mind and fresh air for your soul.

iola magazine is a quality print bookazine on thick paper stock with a card cover. It is designed to be a well-thumbed through work of art to sit on your coffee table to be returned to again and again. It includes:

  • 14 articles and stories
  • 18 international female contributors
  • peace playlist
  • 3 poems
  • 8 Bible verse cards
  • 38 beautiful uplifting photos
  • 5 creative prompts
  • bookmarks
  • book introductions
  • a city tour of Oxford UK

We’ve gathered a group of writing and creative friends to offer our best to encourage you along the path of living life well. We come from the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK so you may notice some grammar and spelling differences but I hope you will notice more what we all hold in common with you. 

We believe the world is a better place when everyone blooms.


Some articles from this issue

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