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iola reader’s winter Joys

We asked some of you, our readers, what your favourite winter activities were, here’s what you said:

“Making Christmas wreaths”
Katie Gamble

“Curling up with a cup of tea and a warm blanket while reading a book.”
Katherine Nadene

“Going to the bookshop with my daughter, letting her choose a special book, then taking it to a local hotel and reading it whilst drinking hot chocolate.”
Gemma Holbird

“Our family like to play Scrabble, Yahtzee, Battleship and other games.”
Carol Fowler

“Snuggling up with a blanket and mid-morning coffee, while a stew cooks on the stove.”
Lisa Saccoia

“Getting all of the Christmas/winter decorations out. I put on my favorite Christmas Spotify Playlist while homemade hot chocolate simmers on the stovetop. The Christmas tree cannot go up unless the house smells like chocolate and Nat King Cole’s, ‘The Christmas Song’, plays softly in the background.”
Celia A Miller 

Reading an inspirational book and reflecting on it while sitting next to our stone fireplace with a crackling warm fire and a cup of coffee.”
Laura Rizkallah

“Gathering with friends around the fire pit to share a meal (usually chili or chowder) and good red wine. It’s even better when it’s snowing!”
Michelle Layer Rahal

“In the winter I take a twenty minute walk in the woods daily. I drink hot tea before bed. I warm the bed with a heating pad before getting under the covers. I love that it gets dark early!”

“My absolute favorite activity in the cozier months is hand embroidery by a fire.”
Cynthia Stuckey

“My favourite activity during winter is crocheting something like a rug or a scarf to keep my loved ones warm. Even better with the wood fire going and a spicy chai latte on oat milk while crocheting!”
Sherri Smith

“My favorite is snowshoeing! (Canada life!)”
Laura Thomas