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How to make a macrame rainbow decoration

Rainbow craft

Here is a macrame rainbow decoration that you can or the kids can easily make with a few simple materials. You’ll need macrame cord, thickness of your choice, embroidery thread, florists wire, scissors and glue. It can be made in a an hour or two. A short craft DIY with a quick stylish result.

Easy rainbow decoration

Rainbows have become a symbol of support for our health carers as well as hope in this time of lockdown. Children have been drawing and colouring them to put in their home windows and this is one that is simple enough for them to make and beautiful enough for you too.

All you need to make this lovely macrame style rainbow decoration is some rope, embroidery thread, floral wire, glue and scissors.

Cut lengths of rope the length you want your macrame rainbow decoration to be.

This rope is a little thinner than the rope I used in the final picture.

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Cut wire a little shorter than your length of rope. I used paper-covered floral wire that I already had – previously bought at Waitrose. You can use garden wire or floral wire that you can get at supermarkets, it just needs to be bendable to mould and hold the arch shape.

embroidery thread rainbow

Start wrapping the wire and rope length with a colour of embroidery thread. You could use any colour, you don’t have to stick to traditional rainbow colours. You can watch a video of this in the Make time collection.

Wrap each rope length with a different colour of thread.

Place each colour in a rainbow shape, making sure each colour wrap finishes roughly in the same place. Unravel the ends of the rope to create the ‘cloud’ effect at each end of the rainbow.

macrame rainbow diy

Stick the rainbow lengths together either messily like I’ve done with a glue gun or you could stitch them for a neater finish! It depends whether the back of your rainbow will be visible or not.

Rainbow craft

This would make a lovely macrame rainbow decoration for a child’s room, depending on your thickness of rope you can make a variety of sizes. You could even make a collection for a mobile.

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