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iola 6 month Planner & Journal book!

You love to write down your plan for the month and to celebrate the season, but you feel a little overwhelmed by the blank page. You’ve got a diary for dates and a notebook for notes, but you want to plan your days more intentionally and journal your moments. The writing practices that you long to do, you no longer feel you have time for. 

Studies have shown that writing is a practice that is good for your wellbeing. Gratitude a way to chase beauty in life, that in turn increases the amount of beauty we see. The act of writing with a pen on paper is proven to increase our memory of those things and relieves the mind as your hand writes it out.

When life feels overwhelming it is easier to start small. 

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You can publish a magazine – a workbook to plan and produce your publication.

This guide will walk you through the planning of your magazine with all the questions to consider and space to write your answers. It shares resources to produce your publication and once completed you will be ready to produce your publication with confidence that your readers will love it.

You can publish a magazine

Latest: iola bookazine The Change Issue! – soul food for your moment of peace
as you walk through change in life.

Iola change issue front cover

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Showing 1–12 of 26 results