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Through the changes that crescendo – Kristin Vanderlip

Changes that crescendo

We long for the lasting, the known, the constant.
So we paint life as we please, 
With familiarity and predictability surrounding us
To give us an effortless ease.
We find flow and freedom
In the routines and rhythms we arrange and expect.

But change crashes in and crescendos
Into a reverberating noise that ricochets within us.
It rips us from the idols we’ve made, pulling us out to sea,
Where we find ourselves chained to our comforts.
We are stretched, exhausted, and disoriented…
Until we realize the chains shackling us are our choices. 

We have manufactured our own safety. 
We have settled for a facade of freedom.
We let go and set sail through new, uncharted territory.
Our reluctant trust is tested on the waters.
We discover a peace that perseveres through the changes,
As we anchor in on the One who doesn’t.

We don’t drown or dismiss our fears and longings,
But we find them leading us to the Lord—
To the One who is lasting, known, and constant—
The One who is everything we long for.
Tethered, bound, abiding,
We rise in courage, filled with peace, destined for hope,

Through the changes that crescendo. 

Kristin Vanderlip

Kristin has written for the Change, Rest, Even in the Deep & Bloom issues of iola
Changes that crescendo author Kristin Vanderlip

Kristin Vanderlip is an army wife, bereaved mom to her little girl in heaven, and mom to her two rainbow boys. A decade ago you could find Kristin teaching English in a middle school classroom, and now she is a freelance editor and writer. Kristin writes to help women seek the Lord and hold on to hope, especially when life is hard. She is the author of Life Worth Living: A Daily Growth Journal and Living Life Well: A Daily Growth Journal for Kids. You can find Kristin at

This poem is from iola the Change issue. Click here to get your copy, and read more from women like you writing about changes in life.