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Transforming your home with colour – Sherri Smith

After studying and working with clients in her interior design studio Sherri discovered some interesting and helpful colour psychology tips. Did you know colour has a direct effect on our physical and emotional responses? Sherri shows us how transforming your home with a little understanding can affect our emotions and responses.

Over to Sherri:

Have you ever walked into a well-kept room and instantly felt relaxed or completely unsettled and unsure as to why you reacted this way? Chances are you have experienced the effects of colour psychology. Once you become aware of how colour affects you, you will be in awe as to just how sensitive our mind and emotions are to colour.  Do you have a favourite colour? Something you love to wear or are naturally drawn to? Often this favourite colour represents a psychological need we have.  

transforming your home

Transforming your home with knowledge

At times I lack confidence and find myself needing to wear a strong colour like red in new or challenging situations. I find red and bright pinks energising and confidence boosting. In more recent years after studying and working with clients in my interior design studio I’ve discovered some interesting and helpful colour psychology tips. Did you know colour has a direct effect on our physical and emotional responses? We can intentionally choose colours for our home depending on the responses we desire from our loved ones, guests and ourselves. 

It takes wisdom to build a house, and understanding to set it on a firm foundation; it takes knowledge to furnish its rooms with fine furniture and beautiful draperies.”
Proverbs 24:3-4 The Message. 

I love this beautiful verse from Proverbs; it’s a great reminder that we can be mindful and intentional when it comes to how we create our homes, including how we choose the colour palettes. Our family can be quite lively at times and one of the most desired emotional responses from my family while we are spending time together in the living room is peace and tranquillity, where everyone feels relaxed.  

Can you guess what colours I’ve chosen to use? In the living room peaceful and nurturing blues; in the form of a denim blue sofa styled with natural linen scatter cushions, soft off-white knit throw and a natural jute floor rug. I’ve extended the blue theme to our re-vamped sideboard cabinet, along with artwork featuring beautiful calming colours in shades of blues and greens and neutral tones.  

transforming your home
Calming blue living room

In addition to our calming blue hues we’ve added several air-cleaning indoor pot plants to the room. Plants not only look great and clean the air, they also help sooth our senses by connecting us to nature, offering us a sense of grounding and belonging. Family and guests visibly relax when they enter our living room, have happy conversations; an outcome due to understanding and using colour psychology. 

Transforming your home with Colour Psychology

Here is a short list of a few popular colours and their effect on our mind and emotions: 

  • Blue – tranquillity, loyalty, security and trust 
  • Green – growth, calming and freshness 
  • Purple – luxury, ambition, spirituality 
  • Pink – health, love, compassion and nurturing 
  • Red – love, energy, strength 
  • Orange – courage, confidence and friendliness 
  • Yellow – happy, energy and creativity 
  • White – purity, goodness, clean and fresh 
  • Black – dramatic, protective and grounding 

Next time you have the opportunity to decorate in your home, take a moment to consider what mood or atmosphere you would like to create in the space. A good rule of thumb is the cool colours (blue, green, turquoise – think of the ocean and grassy fields) evoke calmer emotions and are great for living spaces, bedrooms and bathrooms. Warm colours (red, coral, orange and yellow – think of the sun) evoke lively conversation, energy and activity, perfect for children’s playrooms, dining areas where you enjoy lively entertaining and entryways ready to welcome family and friends with a warm hug. 

A final note

When you have chosen your new colour for decorating, you may like to indulge in using it to create a bold statement with feature walls, large pieces of furniture, rugs and oversized artwork. Or, if you prefer a more subtle approach, start with a neutral palette (think whites, soft greys and natural timbers) and add your new colour with decorating items such as a piece of furniture, window treatments (curtains and blinds) art work, cushions, throws and flowers etc.. 

When the room “feels right from the heart” you know you will have your very own room filled with rare and beautiful treasures.

Sherri Smith lives in Queensland, Australia with her husband and three teenage and adult children living a passionate life; loving God, her family and embracing her mission to help as many people as possible to embrace a sustainable, healthy and beautiful home life. Inspiring people to swap out the nasties in the home for healthier alternatives, to embrace quality over quantity and love the “back to basics, simple slow life”. You can follow Sherri on Instagram – her fav place to hang out on IG @sherrismith.interiors/ or check our her website at

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