iola bookazine – the Fresh issue

iola bookazine the Fresh issue is a fresh read for your moment of peace.

Needing some time to put your feet up and read but the options feel old and tired? Want to really rest and feel ready to face the day again? Introducing iola bookazine the fresh issue.

With iola the Fresh issue you can read story-led articles from female writers like you. It is perfect for when you are desperate for a refresh, and an invigorating experience, so that you can live your Christ-filled life well.

front cover image iola bookazine the fresh issue

This issue reminds you God’s mercies are new every morning and he is making all things new. It is fresh wind for when you are flailing, fresh flowers when desperate for beauty, fresh food for your soul and fresh water for your thirst.
The fresh issue is a companion for your re-vitaslisation. 

iola bookazine the fresh issue

Fresh flowers, fresh food, fresh air and fresh rain!

Perfect for a Spring or Summer break, the beautiful photography and encouraging articles from women will inspire,
not ‘should’ all over you.

You’ll find permission to rest, renew, take the time you need and feel refreshed from reading.

iola bookazine the fresh issue

front cover image of iola bookazine the fresh issue

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Writers for the Fresh issue

Shay Mason from North Carolina, author of Rest for the Weary. Her passion is helping people go deeper into God’s heart.
Katherine Nadine writer from Pennsylvania. She started writing to encourage others.
Sue Fulmore freelance writer and speaker from Alberta, Canada, seeking to use words to awaken mind and soul to the realities of the present. 
Samantha DeCosmo a writer who believes sharing our stories helps others feel less alone.
Laura Thomas is a Brit living in BC, Canada she is a published christian fiction author of many books. She writes heartwarming encouragement for your soul.
Meredith Barnes, author of’ All the time’ from Los Angeles, California. A lover of words she writes on finding faith in everyday moments.
Anna Kettle author of ‘sand between your toes’ from Liverpool, UK. She is a big believer in the healing power of words.
Jenny Sanders no shortcut to maturity
Jenny Sanders author of ‘Spiritual Feasting’ from the UK, her passion is for people to grasp the magnificence of God’s grace.
Jen Howard, journalist for the Nationals from the UK has a heart for stories that centre around our identity in Christ.
Krista Hewlett writer and speaker from Texas, USA, empowers women through her words and insights.
Sherri Smith, interior designer from Australia helps others to embrace a sustainable, healthy and beautiful home life.
Bec Crooks a writer from North Dakota. She shares her thoughts on daily living, growth, disappointment and hope.
Nicole Pilgrim, a souther girl in Northern Colorado, writes to help others find joy in small moments.
Nicole O’Meara from North California writes for Christian women living with rare and chronic diseases
Melissa Smith from the suburbs of Texas writes to frame suffering in the context of joy with Christ
Brand Walker from Chicago is a freelance health writer for women.
Noreen Secret from Upstate New York writes to share how God speaks to us through beauty.
Laura Rizkallah from Upstate New York writes bold beautiful brave words that will stir your heart.

There’s more!:

  • 18 fresh articles to read
  • 18 international female writers & authors
  • Fresh playlist to listen to
  • Colour & Pray
  • Word art to hang
  • Daily bread wall art to make
  • Reflective questions to journal
  • A bunch of beautiful & stunning photos to refresh your soul
  • Bookmarks to use
  • Book introductions
  • Fresh food to eat
  • A view to breathe
  • A blessing to take
  • A glass of fresh fruit smoothie (that’s not actually true, but we wish we could!)

We’ve gathered a group of writers to offer our best to encourage you along the path of living life well. We come from the US, Canada, and the UK so you may notice some grammar and spelling differences but we hope you will notice more what we all hold in common with you. 

Fresh is real rest for your moment of peace.

iola magazine is a high-quality, print bookazine on thick paper with a card cover. It has an airy layout throughout over 90 pages with beautiful imagery. It’s designed to be a work of art on your coffee table to be returned to again and again.