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Want to write for iola? We like to work with Christian female writers who want a place to share their words of grace, peace and hope with our iola readers.

Our issues are themed around one word and we take essays and articles on creativity, places, wellbeing, family, playlists, devotional, book excerpts and introductions related to the theme.

Why would you want to write for iola?

If your essay or article is accepted then:

It will be published in our beautiful print bookazine with a headshot and bio paragraph.
We will link to your website and socials.
You will have the opportunity to reach readers in a beautiful way and share a beautiful magazine with your friends.
You will be able to purchase print copies at a reduced price for resale.
You can sell e-issue copies to your readers and earn a commission.

Submissions will open for a month and will be announced via email, in our contributors Facebook group, and on Instagram.

We are open for submissions until August 31st 2020 for our next issue which has the one word theme ‘Change’.

One thing that is certain in life is Change. Whether it’s wanted or unwanted, change happens. Whether we instigate it, or it creeps up on us, or hits us like an express train in the dark – change is an unavoidable part of life and growth.

Some changes we can prepare, plan and execute like a perfectly performed gymnastic routine, others leave us reeling and floundering like a fish out of the ocean.

Perhaps you could write about a time when a change encouraged or challenged or blessed you. An external change that created an internal change. A beautiful change. A time God met you in unwanted change. Change happens constantly through life and this issue will help us to change well, cope with changes good or bad. Adjust to change and challenge us to change.

Maybe you have tips for coping with family changes, work changes, schedule changes, home changes, moving changes. Anything else you feel would be suitable, we are open to ideas.

From the purely practical steps to cope with changes, to making good changes in the home or routine, to the spiritual stretching of unwelcome change, we want to offer some soul food, hope & encouragement for our iola readers as we change our way through life together.

Email your story-led articles, tips, soul food ideas from 600-2000 words with a one paragraph bio, links to your work and a headshot. We plan on publishing in October/November 2020.

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