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books on design and ccreativity

So many books so little time! I love book recommendations because it’s not always easy to judge a book by it’s cover! Here are some that I love, use and would recommend. Specifically on design and creativity, because these are what help me to live life well. Click the photos to see them on Amazon, the links are affiliate.


Here are some of my treasured books for design resourcing and inspiration

How to style your brand – Fiona Humberstone

How to style your brand will help you think about your brand and what it communicates and how to design and represent that visually. It has lots of photos and inspiration and will walk you through the whole process. Click on the photo to see on Amazon.

Pantone swatch books

These are essential if you are designing for print and need to be really picky about colour. Colour correct swatches to see how your colour will look on paper. They are an investment but worth it if you are designing for print. Click the photo see on Amazon.

Pantone postcards

Not technically a book, but the case lives very happily on a bookshelf. These can’t be used for checking your colours but they are great for mood boards or photos. Or even sending as cards to friends. They are a lovely set to have. Click the image above to see on Amazon.

books on creativity


These books are resources that help me to be creative and I refer to them all the time.

Giftwrapped – Jane Means

Giftwrapped is a beautiful book with inspiration from Jane Means on how to wrap gifts in different ways that look beautiful and professional! I get my gift wrapping ideas from here. Click the photo to see on Amazon.

Welcome Home – Myquillyn Smith

Welcome Home from Myquillyn Smith will help you create the home that you love and use it the way you’ve dreamed. She is my go-to for making my home cozy and yet minimal. I love her style. Click the photo to see the book on Amazon.

One line a day journal

Need to keep writing but sometimes lose the flow? This is the journal you need. Just write one line a day for five years in this little book. It is a good way to pay attention to your life. This is the exact design I have, but there are other cover designs available. Click the photo to buy on Amazon.


Never been one for staying in the lines, I love a plain notebook. I can write, doodle and mind map all over the page. I’ve used these trusty moleskines for years, it is in and out of my bag, on my desk, the paper is great quality, I know I can rely on them. If you click the photo above you can get your own on Amazon.

iola planner & journal

The iola planner & journal is created to combine the benefits of both planning forward and looking back. A way to look at your season, month, week and day and plan with purpose and look back over them and journal with joy. Blank spaces and beautiful blooms alongside gratitude, prayer, learning and creating spaces it is a way to both plan and see the joy in the moments. Book available here