About Abi

I’m Abi and this is a haven of grace and peace for you. It is a home for iola; a regular bookazine and other resources created for your rest and relaxation.

I studied English and Publishing and worked as a designer for over 20 years, herding words into pretty boxes for gorgeous print.

Finding myself drowning in the midst of family life I started fitting words around pictures and creating websites, books and magazines.

This was fun.

It is my hope that these would bring beauty, grace and peace to your everyday busy life.

Pretty phone lock screens to bring you pause & beauty
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Email me your questions: info at abipartridge dot co dot uk.

I live in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds in the UK with my three children, who are aged 17, 15 and 10. The eldest is heading to university soon and it has gone too fast. Learning to find the beauty amongst the mundane is my life saving practice as life deals its blows.

It is my passion to create and my main mediums are words and design, the combination of image and words being a team that convey deeper meaning. I also love making spaces places of peace and beauty. Oh and I love coffee in the morning but earl grey tea in the afternoon. I’m currently experimenting with gardening, it’s not going great.


iola magazine

iola magazine is a christian women’s magazine with a team of international contributors it focuses on living life well. It is a breath of fresh air for your mind and food for your soul, with beautiful imagery, story articles, devotionals, playlists and creativity. There are 4 issues available.

Re: create

Creativity is a great way to connect with God. Re: create, restore your creative soul is a creative devotional of projects for the home. Creative projects with meaning. It’s available on Amazon as a print book and e-book.


You can always email me: info at abipartridge dot co dot uk

Instagram is the social media I most frequent. You can find me @abilouise_harvey